Lomography in Taiwan!

2012-07-16 4

Earlier, I wrote an article about seeing lots of analogue things in Taiwan. What I didn’t mention was that there were also multiple familiar Lomography items as well! Read more about it after the jump.

It always gives me joy to see analogue anywhere in the world, especially if it’s Lomographic! While I was back in Taiwan, I was able to visit a lot of places including stores, shopping malls, and markets on the street. Many of these places had Lomo Love big and small:

Holgas in magazines
The LC-A+ on a camera bag
Color LC-A+’s on another camera bag
Diana F+ on camera strap boxes
A Holga on stickers
Fisheye 2 and LC-A on more stickers

(Along with other adorable analogue stickers that I couldn’t help but buy hehe)

I also visited a bookstore that had lots and lots of Lomography items!

And of course, I had to visit the Lomography Gallery Store in Taipei where I met up with @albeelee. :)

In hindsight, Taiwan has been exposed to the wonderful world of Lomography! It’s our job to keep spreading Lomo Love throughout the rest of the world, so keep shooting!

(I was also able to design and make this cool pin in Taiwan with the help of my cousin!)

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    @albeelee :)

  2. albeelee
    albeelee ·

    Haha! Sweet article!
    Thanks including me :-)
    I really hope we can meet longer! lol
    You should stay Taipei longer, then I can hang out with you.
    Although we just met short time but I really like you<3

  3. albeelee
    albeelee ·

    I love the Fisheye 2 and LC-A stickers :D

  4. shanti929
    shanti929 ·

    really cool post! analogue sign are so cute and really good to decorate. :D

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