Spotted: Instants in Drunk


One of my favorite artists, Ed Sheeran came out with this song in January but I’d never bothered to look up the music video until it popped up in my YouTube feed. It seems that instant photos are becoming more and more popular everywhere. Read on to find out what the video is about!

The beginning of the music video opens with a shot of Ed’s wall, covered with notes, post-its, Polaroids, and Instax Wides.

Basically, this music video is about a bad break up between Ed and his ex-girlfriend. All he does is think about her, which makes him depressed. The only thing that he thinks can take his mind off of her is drinking alcohol and getting drunk. In the video, his adorable cat wants to cheer him up and does everything possible for a cat.

Most of us Lomographers have a sweet spot for these cuddly felines. This cat “talks” in the video too! In his attempts to cheer Ed up, he plays video games with him, plays the guitar with him, and even drinks with him!

But the video continues to go back to the wall of photographs of him and his girlfriend. The Polaroids are portals to Ed’s past with his ex…

And so he continues to drink and goes to the pub…

And yet again they come back home, but even with the girls he brought back, the wall is still there along with the memories. So he gets angry and throws things at it.

There’s one point in the video where an Instax Wide is directly linked to a memory Ed has of the girl in a skeleton outfit too:

And then he wakes up. It’s unclear to me whether or not the night he had was real, but he wakes up with an Instax Wide photo on his face. A clue? Maybe…

Watch the video here. Lyrics here too.

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