The Quirky Cafes of Brooklyn


If there’s one thing a New Yorker loves, its coffee. Luckily, those of us roaming the boroughs of this city have plenty of places to get our caffeine fix! I recently went on a coffee-seeking excursion around a few lovely neighborhoods- the beautiful, bustling, Ft. Greene, Bed-Stuy, and Clinton Hill. I found some great places to kick back and enjoy a cup’a joe.

Urban Vintage is one of my favorite coffee houses, ever. Half café, half boutique, this Grand Avenue shop not only contains delicious food and drink but dedicates a majority of its space to displaying local artists’ works and wares. The best thing about the displays is that they’re ever-changing; every beautiful piece is for sale by the artists. It has a very relaxed feel, filled to the brim with antique furniture, vintage display boxes, luxurious couches, and tons of eye catching details strewn about. Top off the eye candy with delicious sandwiches and creamy Mocha lattes… I’m sold!

Luv Tea is a quaint café tucked away in a small space off of Putnam Ave. The café has one objective: to bring yummy tea drinks to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I recommend their lavender lattes and green tea cookies. Yum.

Carthage 521 This café is a new-comer in the neighborhood. Located on Myrtle Avenue, Carthage 521’s bright red store-front is definitely eye catching. Decked out in Middle Eastern styles, this café specializes in selling coffees, teas, fruit shakes, and baked goods that are locally sourced. Some fruits are actually grown in their own backyard- which has a great seating area as well. The most interesting part of Carthage 521 is that once the sun sets it transforms into a hookah bar- making it a great place to head with friends.

Outpost is a beautiful café. It has a great atmosphere, with amazing art hanging on all walls. The café is large and breezy feeling, which extends to the backyard. The tiki-lit back area has two levels and is reminiscent of the secret garden. There are statues and other whimsical artifacts hidden in the overgrowth around the seating area, with an arch of flowers and vines leading to the upper level. The café is a staple in the neighborhood (it’s been around for nearly 10 years now), and transforms into a bar later in the night. It’s open until midnight nearly everyday of the week- perfect for night owls such as myself.

Colador Café this café has evolved a lot in its short time being open- originally just a café for coffee, it has grown to also serve some really delicious food… and serve beer! Definitely swing by here during the world cup… this is the spot to be. The staff is super friendly (and pretty goofy in the best way), local artists are always being shown, and the atmosphere is laid back.

Daily Press This is a pretty average coffee shop in Bed-Stuy, but their claim to fame is that each cup of coffee or bag or pastries you walk away with carries a bit of history. There are facts about the neighborhood of Bed-stuy stamped onto any carry-out item. It’s cool to learn about the place around you while heading towards the subway every morning.

Store Location:
Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy
106 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

Shop Hours:
Monday- Saturday: 10:30am- 9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

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