Letter to Smena 8M: Last Goodbye (Maybe)

2012-07-24 2

Maybe one day I will have another Smena 8M, but you’ll always be in my heart and on my shelf.

Dear Smena 8M:
I remember the day I had you for the first time in my hands. I just bought you in an auction site, and I didn’t sleep well for 3 or 4 days; the time you took to arrive by mail. Your arrival was a day filled with mixed emotions – first happiness, then finally I had you in my hands, but sadness, because you arrived wounded. But with some effort, I treated you.

Your first photo with me.

After some time, you gave me fantastic photos:

Credits: bongofury

After some adventures together, you had a lazy eye, one of your shutter blades wasn’t working properly.

Credits: bongofury

Once again, with some effort, and also some research, I fixed you up, and again you gave me fantastic photos as if it was your way of saying “thanks”.

Credits: bongofury

I had great plans for us, I wanted to buy a Splitzer for you, and I did, but when the moment of dressing you up with this new accessory, something very bad happened. Like before, I took a few empty shots, then I had to check if your lazy eye didn’t come back and suddenly your lever to cock shutter stayed down, it wasn’t working anymore.

I tried (and tried) fixing you up, but I think this time it was just too much for me especially with your broken little spring…

Now I regret having not used you more often.

Goodbye my very first LOMO camera!

Your last photo

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  1. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Ahh. :( i know how it feels. Ive been there with my Holga GCFN. but she looks and working fine now.

  2. danbarry
    danbarry ·

    Weep no longer. I bought one last week less than £20. unused boxed. follow thje white rabbbit: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221067228407?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co…

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