An Interview with Mr. Orca 110

Never heard of 110? Do not be ashamed, there is someone out there, just like you, who will say something like: 110 film, huh? I interviewed Mr Orca, who challenged me to bring him out for a shoot. Here’s our conversation and experience in Pentax Auto 110.

Hello Mr. Orca, how old are you and where are you from?

I was born on May 16, 2012. I am from the 110 film format family. My great-grandparents were born in 1972 and all my family members passed away in 2009. Thanks to Lomography, they got my family’s DNA and gave me a new life!

Why are you different from your cousins, 120 film and 35mm film?
I am the smallest in size among them. I am the best friend for people like you who love to carry cameras everywhere you go. I am made extra portable and pocket-friendly. Hey look, there’s a cow sitting on the wall! Snap it, Meerly!

And the bird too!

Okay, that’s quick.

You are named after a killer whale. Do you hunt?
I can take killer monochromatic shots that give you a super vintage feel. Don’t believe me? Try me.

I am also small in size so together, we can be silent killers, hunting down some real street scenes that would make great photographs. Pssst, subject on your right.

You are only ISO 100, is it difficult for you to take nice shots?
Well, it depends on the camera that you are using, and of course, the photographer. You should prove to me.

Ahahaha, out of focus!
Okay, this is nice and crisp.

Do you need any special care? Where can we develop you in Singapore?
Just hand me over to the Lomography Gallery Store and their super friendly staff will handle me with care. Oh hi, Kenneth! (Mr. Orca looks at me) Shoot him!

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