Taking Back Tipsters: La Sardina DIY Projects


Some months ago, we put together some awesome tips and tricks when it comes to shooting with and jazzing up the La Sardina. Now, we’re taking you back to some more nifty tipsters of the crafty, DIY kind!

Photo by gvelasco

Get a Handle on the La Sardina by gvelasco

Do you want to make a hand strap to carry your La Sardina around? Lomographer gvelasco found a super simple way to add a strap to your prized camera. It’s really simple enough that many of us might not have even thought about!

Photo by nuhdos

Tie Up Your La Sardina! by nuhdos

While the tipster above shows you how to add a hand strap, it’s Lomographer nuhdos’s turn to show us another nifty addition to your La Sardina: a neck strap! With some fabric, key rings, and a little bit of sewing, you’ll be on your way to shooting more comfortably with your wide-angled companion!

Photo by pearlgirl77

Make a DIY Felt Bag for the La Sardina by pearlgirl77

So, we have a hand strap and a neck strap for the La Sardina—what about a camera bag? Lomographer pearlgirl77 has just the tipster to complete your La Sardina accessories: how to make a fun and colorful felt bag for your wide-eyed snapshooter!

Photo by tomas-scigulinsky

How to Make a Splitzer for the La Sardina by tomas-scigulinsky

But, what about something to make your photos even more interesting? Lomographer tomas-scigulinsky comes to your rescue with a tutorial on making a splitzer for your La Sardina! It’s one of those nifty little things you can do with an film canister, so why don’t you give it a try?

Photo by lomographynyc_gramercy

Bicycle Travel Ideas with Clamp-Tripod by lomographynyc_gramercy

Do you like shooting outdoors with your La Sardina? Or more specifically, do you like biking and shooting with your La Sardina? Then, the folks at Lomography NYC Gallery Gramercy came up with neat way for you to snap amazing shots from your biking trip!

Are you in the Do It Yourself mode? Check out some more DIY projects, read more about the DIY Sardina or enter the Do It Yourself Competition. Don’t have a DIY Sardina yet? Get it in the online shop.

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