László Moholy-Nagy and The New Bauhaus


After the shutdown of the Bauhaus art school in Berlin, László Moholy-Nagy a Bauhaus teacher (1923–1928) founded the New Bauhaus across the sea in Chicago, U.S.A. And the Bauhaus concept lives on!

So the old Bauhaus stopped operating a long time ago, but László Moholy-Nagy was able to bring the legend into the future. And so did we! With the new Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus edition, we hope to keep the Bauhaus concept alive!

New Bauhaus, Photo by sheetzdesgin

The New Bauhaus was founded in 1937 and was the immediate successor to the German Bauhaus that was closed in 1933 due to the National Socialist pressure. Founder and Director, László Moholy-Nagy, was once a teacher in the old Bauhaus and is quite innovative in the fields of photography. He believed that photography enables us to see the outside world in a way that the human eye could not see. His experiments in photography included photogram.

Never heard of photogram? Well, it’s photography, but without a camera! You take something that is light-sensitive (like photography paper), place an object directly on the the surface of the paper, and expose it to light. Check out these photograms taken by our lomo friends!

Credits: blablabla-anab, jessicagosling, milkie, eugenia & yarglags

Back to the topic, the New Bauhaus is now known as the IIT Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, a graduate school teaching systemic, human-centered design.

Moholy-Nagy only directed the New Bauhaus for about a year, until he established his own School of Design, where he implemented the Bauhaus principle. He was a great part of how the Bauhaus ideas are infused in American design.

László Moholy-Nagy, Photo by Neue Galerie

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