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2012-07-14 2

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Fashion in Analogue: My Lower Case x” which is about the dress made of film, created by nikkaxxx from Spain. Translated by reneg88, it is the story of how the project came to be as well as scenes from the fashion show unveiling the lomotastic wearable art!

Credits: nikkaxxx

“For a long time now, I have devoted my time to one thing. Something which I’d started talking about a little while ago. It’s fashion and design. Truth is, I started with photography at about the same time I started designing. I haven’t diffused design as much as photography, but I did put a lot of time and effort into it. One of my hopes was always to mix, to blend the two disciplines which I was passionate for, fashion and photography. The design was clear. There were some changes during the process but the main idea was always the same. Make a real analog dress. And as it’s very own name suggests… All of it would be made with all kinds of photographic and analog materials.”

Read more from Fashion in Analogue: My Lower Case x, originally written in Spanish by nikkaxxx and translated by reneg88.

How awesome is this combination of photography and fashion? Some time ago, we wrote about The Little Slide Dress, an LBD made of, well, slides. But we love this analogue apparel by community member nikkaxxx because it’s got Lomographic love written all over it! Not only does she use recycled Lomography film products, but she also created this one-off work of passion and art in cooperation with Lomography Gallery and Embassy Stores in Spain! It’s actually a great example of how Lomography is a community that welcomes and fosters creative freedom for anything about analogue photography!

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    Congratulations, @nikkaxxx and @reneg88!

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    Thank you so so much! :) @denisesanjose

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