La Sardina DIY: Cococerise Style

2012-07-18 3

Meet French blogger Cococerise and find out how she turned her La Sardina DIY edition into a leather clad beauty.


Hello Cococerise!

Would you like to tell us a quick something about yourself? How old you are, where you’re from, what your background is…

Hello! Well, I’m 35, I live and was born in France, near Paris and I’ve studied and worked in really different fields so far: Biology, computer engineering, web design… But my absolute passion is design and creation, that’s why I launched my blog back in 2007! For five years, it has helped me to stay inspired and motivated, improve my skills, meet interesting people, and get involved in lovely project such as this Sardina customization for Lomography!

La Sardina DIY Edition customized by Cococerise

Your works is usually very feminine and delicate, what inspired your La Sardina DIY?

For this design I was totally inspired by the geometrical trend! Triangles, diamonds, squares… I wanted to play with forms and the first material I thought about was leather. I had a lot of small pieces sleeping in my drawers and this was the perfect project to finally use them!

If you had another La Sardina DIY to decorate, would you go about it differently? What would you use?

When Lomography asked me to customize the camera, I wanted to try something really unique and high level, which I had never made before. I usually like to experiment new techniques, so I probably wouldn’t redo the same design!

Any tips for someone who doesn’t know where to start with theirs?

The easiest way to start is probably to take advantage of the transparent front and back covers, and insert some printed pattern or fabric. It’s simple and versatile, there’s no risk of mistake, and you can change it depending on your mood and inspiration !

La Sardina DIY Edition customized by Cococerise

Any interesting projects lined up for you this year?

I’ve just launched a self-published book with 2 bloggers and friends. It’s a DIY book called Do It Yvette (Yvette is a retro first name in France), which contains 16 simple DIY in fashion and home decor. Despite the huge amount of work (we made everything by ourselves), we had so much fun working on this together!

The next step is to produce DIY kits, with tutorial and material… hopefully in September, along with a craft event in Paris to celebrate!

With the new La Sardina DIY Edition you can have it all your own way! Put your artistic talent to good use and decorate it any way you want. Thanks to the interchangeable panels and special ink permeable material, letting your imagination loose on the La Sardina DIY couldn’t be more fun!

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    fancy! I like

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    LOVE this one!

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    me too !

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