Urban Adventures in Singapore: Where Nature Meets the City Part 1


Come join me and my Lomo LC-A+ as we showcase what Singapore has to offer in this two-part series. I don’t know any other city quite like this where luscious green nature co-exists with huge towering man-made structures. The first part shows the more floral persona of this glorious city.

Gardens by the Bay is a brand new establishment funded by the Singaporean government

Contained within the huge complex is a brilliant mix of man-made super trees and naturally planted flora of all kinds.

The best bit by far are the air-conditioned domes. Coming from winter in Australia, going on holidays to Singapore was quite a shock to the system as the temperatures never dropped below 30. However, inside these huge domes, not only were there thousands of species of beautiful plants, but also, the entire dome is air conditioned down to a nice, cool temperature! What an engineering feat!

As night fell, this beautiful place came alight, as is customary in Singapore, the action never stops just because the sun has gone down! And thanks to my LOMO LC-A+’s automatic exposure system, my action didn’t have to stop either!

So there is my account of the astounding ability of Singapore to incorporate so much nature into such a built-up city! For anyone else thinking of going to Singapore, I strongly urge you go to Gardens by the Bay at least once! If not more! Join me next time as I cover the beautiful architecture found within the more man-made section of this glorious city!

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