Lomography Color Tiger 110: All You Need in a Small Package

2012-07-16 2

The amazing thing about the Color Tiger 110 film is that it does not sacrifice quality over practicality. Read on to learn more about this film and see some photos snapped with it!

So, I was a lucky tester of the Color Tiger 110 film. Some guys from the most clandestine of all secret departments of Lomography came to me, dropped off some rolls, and made me shoot them over the weekend. I was honored to take on the secret mission, loading the film to my newly bought Pentax Auto 110 (which by the way is the smallest SLR ever), and shot my weekend away.

And boy, the result was great! In fact, I so enjoyed the Orca 110 B&W film released not so long ago that I swore I would shoot with only the 110 B&W for the next couple of weeks. Fact is that, the Color Tiger 110 delivers really vibrant color especially when shooting outdoor or with a flash! When shooting indoors, make sure you have enough natural light source, and a pair of steady hands.

I like the natural color when shooting under the natural light, that also gives my photos a very soft contrast. I also love the sharp contrast and colors when I shoot my subjects close (1m away) with a strong flash, that gives my photos a very candid feeling.

I tested also one long exposure shot of a cityscape near my hood, exposing for 15-20 seconds. The Tiger surely can also handle this task. This little thing is a huge tiger that can handle multiple tasks under multiple circumstances. Highly recommended whether or not you are a 110 enthusiast!

Can’t get enough of 110? Now is your chance to paint your shots with roaring colors because the Tiger 110 is here! Lomography’s first 110 color negative film will give you fresh and sharp shots, and it works perfectly well with Lomography’s Fisheye Baby Cameras .

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  1. samwise_camus
    samwise_camus ·

    Great review! Having read up on the problems the Pentax Auto supposedly has with 200 ISO film thanks to its only automatically rating 100 and 400 accurately, I was wary so only bought a couple of rolls of Tiger. Now I can see it works, I'll be buying a Big Streak very soon I think! :)

  2. tattso
    tattso ·

    @samwise_camus I heard of this but actually that's just 1 stop of difference and doesn't affect the exposure that much.

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