The Rock Boat


Every year in the heart of winter many a cruise ship depart from the ports of Florida and sail to some fine, tropical land. This cruise however, is a bit different.

This boat gives the “ultimate fan” the chance to see their favorite band in quite possibly the most intimate setting, and also the chance to meet their favorite artists. With big shows in the bow and the stern theatres of the ship every day, a constant festival on the Lido Deck Stage where you are open to the sun and the breeze, and multiple shows in the Casino Lounge, the Adriatic Lounge, the main Atrium, and spontaneous jams in the hallway, by the pool, in the restaurant… you get the picture – MUSIC EVERYWHERE – it’s hard not to have a good time.

When you aren’t in the mood for a show setting, there’s a casino on board the ship, as well as a spa. For the really energetic, there’s also a full gym on the top floor of the ship that overlooks the ocean. It’s pretty odd to be running on a treadmill and just see blue water all around – but it’s so cool! There’s also 24 hour pizza, a place to chow down just off the Lido Deck, and a full restaurant serving three course meals every night. The possibilities are endless.

Almost every night has a theme, we had Pajama Night, Rubic’s Cube night (where you wear a solid color and exchange clothing until you’re another color – it gets messy :P), Trucker Formal Night (what would a trucker wear if they had to go to a formal?), and many more. There’s plenty of party to around, and the Casino Lounge serves tasty adult beverages into the night and morning for the party-goers. I spent many a night where I didn’t go to sleep until the sun came up, as did many others. And of course, late night shenanigans ultimately end in chaos and taking pictures with people you don’t know, some with buckets on their head… and then needing to put on your beer goggles in the morning to ensure that the hangover doesn’t set in.

Sixthman ( hosts a cruise called The Rock Boat ( every year, featuring 20+ rock bands. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s a floating festival. In the Caribbean. Who can say no to that? In 2009 for The Rock Boat IX we sailed from Miami to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, enjoyed the beach and the relaxation, and then because of rough seas we could not port at the second destination (Half Moon Cay), so we floated around in the beautiful deep blue and enjoyed some spontaneous artist jams and last minute shows.

Many of the bands that were on the boat in 2009 are going to be on board again this year: Sister Hazel, Gaelic Storm, Carbon Leaf (the band I work for and who are pictured above), Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, and many many more. This year the boat sails from Tampa, FL to Cozumel and back. It should be a rockin’ good time!

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    Stunning gallery ! Super colors, like in N°7 ! And the last one is really cool too !

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