Grass Portraits by Ackroyd & Harvey

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Grass will certainly be greener on some sides with enough light and water, as British artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey know. These portraits created via photosynthesis are literally the freshest images we’ve seen today! See how they nurture and grow their art here.

Remember that week in grade school when you learned about photosynthesis in science class? Those notes sure came in handy for Britain artists Ackroyd and Harvey who have mastered the creation of living grass art.

Photos via Visual News

In a large-scale dark room, they would make a wall covered with clay and plant grass seedlings against it. Next, they’d project a negative image of a photograph or text then water it accordingly. And then, science does the rest. The grass grows in different shades of green, depending on the amount of light they get, creating organic, multi-dimensional masterpieces.

Ackroyd and Harvey create living grass art. Clip via Vimeo

They’re kind of like Monets in that they look plain up close, but once you step back, you’ll literally see the bigger picture. Just like most plants, the grass portraits can last for months—years, even—with proper care but neglect them and they’ll eventually wilt.

Their eco-friendly art also serves the purpose of bringing the public awareness about environmental issues such as, climate change, renewable energy sources, and deforestation. Thank goodness for their green thumbs!

Visit Ackroyd & Harvey for more info. Sourced from Visual News.

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    Seriously impressed! Both with the results and with the dedication that goes into creating them. Well done, guys!

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    Might go to home depot after watching that. Awesome

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