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Boicut is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. He loves to illustrate on all kinds of materials no matter if its a water heater, some piece of wood or a bike frame. Check out what he’s done with the La Sardina DIY.


Hey Boicut!

Tell us about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What’s your background?

Heyhey! I am living and working in Vienna. Well I remember there was a time back when I was a kid when I saw these Metallica shirts at a local carnival. Somehow I was stoked by these skull designs and began to draw skulls myself even though I didn’t know Metallica was the name of some band – haha! Then I began to skate and these rad skateboard graphics also had an influence on me.

Then other things became more important to me and somehow I stopped drawing. It was a lucky accident when I got a sketch book and a pen as a present. I started to draw again and was encouraged by the feeling I had every time I made something new. Back then I was around 21 studying something not really interesting to me and working in a call center. I felt that this love for drawing was my chance to break out of my old life and start something new. So I quit the job and studied graphic design and never stopped drawing again.

How about a quick something about your style? How did it come about?

Well I needed a topic for my Masters thesis and so I focused on illustration. I started to paint on everything that came by my markers and by experiencing with different tools and materials and in the end some kind of style developed automatically. But I always continue to work on my style by using different materials or brushes and so on although I have some basic elements that I include in my work so there’s some common ground.

What inspires you?

Maybe it sounds a bit overused but I get inspiration by walking through life with my eyes open. For example there is this project which will be published this summer which these guys invited me to join. There were no specific guidelines so I could draw anything I wanted. I didn’t know what; a lot of things came to mind until I visited one of the guys in his flat. When I stood in his hallway I saw this beautiful stucco on the wall that looked like a huge bunny head – so I painted it in my style. The guy was pretty pleased when he recognized his hallway in the artwork :)

What did you use to decorate the La Sardina DIY? How does this compare to your larger works? Was it easier or more difficult for you?

I often use markers on smooth surfaces and so I did the same in this case. It was a challenge to draw on the La Sardina DIY because space for the artwork is limited. But I like challenges so after some brainstorming about what to draw I came up with this idea.

On larger things with rougher surfaces like canvases, walls etc., I use brushes instead of markers but as I told before I always try to put in some – for me and my style – typical elements. Take the pattern of the sardines for example, you can find that in some of my other works too. Sometimes I use this pattern for teeth and sometimes it’s the hair of some character.

There’s a finger in your can of sardines… Why is that?
This goes back to my childhood. Somehow I was attracted to macabre stuff ever since I was a kid. For my last solo show I painted this huge desk all covered with mafia stuff. I drew a cut off finger in a glass on one side. When it was about to customize the La Sardina DIY I did a little research and found the different editions like Capri and St. Tropez etc., I wanted to do a Sicilian one.

Like people sending you postcards from different cities you also find this can of sardines in your mailbox and when you open it, there’s this finger lying in between the fish.

If you had another La Sardina DIY, would you go about it differently? Would it still include some blood and dismemberment?

To be honest I can’t really tell you. On the one hand I like series. It would be an option working with the same basic concept so one can feel that there’s some kind of connection between these two La Sardinas. But it would also be fun doing something completely different. It depends on the idea I’d come up with. It’s possible that it will have some blood and cut off body parts again, but I can’t tell you this at the moment.

Any tips for someone who doesn’t know where to start with theirs?

Starting is always the hardest part – at least for me. There are so many possibilities when you are sitting in front of a blank piece. But give yourself some time to work out some ideas. Don’t put yourself under pressure! Once you have a couple of ideas make a quick sketch. Go for the one you like best. Don’t be afraid to go for the first stroke! Normally once you get started the rest is easy! Have fun!

What projects are you working on at the moment? Anything cool planned for the rest of the year?

The biggest project I have at the moment is becoming self-employed. I just quit my day job a couple of weeks ago to have more time to work on my own stuff. I have just some days left at the office and I am really looking forward to this new period of my life!

The last few days I did my first skateboard illustration. For me it was always a huge dream doing my own skateboard graphic and in the end I can say that I am really happy with the result :) I can’t tell you more about this at the moment but be prepared!

There will also be other cool projects this year like collaborations, live paintings and beside that I will also take some time to do more paintings on wood and canvas! Just follow me on my facebook page and have a look on my site to keep updated!

With the new La Sardina DIY Edition you can have it all your own way! Put your artistic talent to good use and decorate it any way you want. Thanks to the interchangeable panels and special ink permeable material, letting your imagination loose on the La Sardina DIY couldn’t be more fun!

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