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Being a part of the Lomography San Francisco team, I’m in the city almost all the time. I love going around places like the Embarcadero and the Mission for photo walks, but this time around, I wanted to show my fellow Lomographers what I call home in the town of Hercules, California.

Credits: nicolasesc

Hercules sits at the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area and is north of Berkeley. It’s completely different compared to my surroundings in the city. Looking outside my window, I’m greeted by friendly trees, beautiful mountain scenery and even a few cows having breakfast on the hills. In my eyes, it’s such a cinematic looking town and I wanted to show Hercules through my perspective.

Credits: nicolasesc

In San Francisco, there are times where I get tired of taking the same kind of pictures. Luckily, I’m able to live in an area filled with nature and it’s the perfect way to change up my city shots. I’ve been living here for just about a year now and I’m still encountering new places, so I never forget to bring my camera everywhere I go.

Credits: nicolasesc

Going outside can be intimidating at times, but every so often, a rush of excitement and the need for adventure motivates me. And of course my camera’s always happy to know I’m feeding it lots of film. Most of the time, I don’t know where I’m heading, I just pick a direction and head there. It can be tiring, but afterwards when I see the pictures I took, I always think it’s worth the sore feet!

One of the first locations I discovered is a hill not too far from my house. It’s a bit of a hike, but the view from up there is amazing. Not only can you see my entire neighborhood, but also the bay in the distance. When the sun hits the ridge just right, these hills sing!

Credits: nicolasesc

Hercules is known for Refugio Valley Park. I often go there with my siblings to play at the playground, run around the field and even greet the local duckies!

Credits: nicolasesc

Another great spot I’ve discovered is a little closer to the water. The first time I stumbled upon the area, I was so excited to find train tracks that were right next to the bay. Every few minutes, a train passes by and if you wave at them, they’ll say “Hi” back!

Credits: nicolasesc

I love San Francisco very much and it’s quickly growing on me. It’s a place that I feel has so much life and energy. But sometimes, being able to live in a quiet place like Hercules is perfect for my analogue adventures. I encourage everyone to go somewhere new, don’t be afraid to get your shoes dirty and be ready to be surprised for what you’ll find!

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