A Vintage Multi-lensed Camera For Making Your Own Stamps

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Fancy making your own personalized postage stamps? Today, it’s easy with modern technology, but many years back, it wasn’t at all as difficult as one might think today. A camera made in the early 1900s made it possible with a 15-lensed camera. Learn more about it after the jump!

While we lomographers are certainly no strangers to the wonders of multi-lensed cameras, it turns out that some camera makers in the early 1900s have also explored and experimented with the idea. As a stamp collector and an advocate of snail mail, I got interested in the Tiki Tour Stamps feature and thought, “What if there’s anything that links my love for both film photography and philately?”

Lo and behold, a quick Google search rewarded me with something interesting: the Royal Mail Stamp Camera. As its name suggests, the interesting photographic contraption allowed one to make his or her very own personalized postage stamps.

Photos via Antique Wood Cameras

Manufactured by W. Butcher & Sons from around 1906 to 1917, the Royal Mail Stamp Camera, sold for £1 5s, was made out of polished mahogany and brass hardware, and equipped with 15 fixed-focus achromatic lenses. It had a guillotine type shutter that was controlled by a screw perched on the top of the camera. At the back, it had a glass plate that aided in focusing and could be detached for placing a film plate. It could also be fitted with a mask for printing the photos with a fancy border. Butcher also sold print-out paper with stamp-like perforations to complete the DIY stamp maker.

It’s definitely an interesting addition to anyone’s camera or antique collection, if it only doesn’t sell today for $2400 to $5000!

All information for this article were taken from Antique Wood Cameras, Historic Camera, Early Photography, and Collectiblend.

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