Analogue Photography Enriched My Life

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Analogue saved us! Analogue restored our emotions, sublimed and enriched our daily lives by bringing a new vision of imaging and captures. It feels like analogue photography subtly (but surely) changed the life of all those who approached it. Nowadays, analogue definitely is the walk on the wild side of photography.

Credits: gasord

Analogue refers to dreams, to fun, changes and new experience in your daily life. It definitely brings back memorable feelings of looking forward to something, being surprised, being thrilled and finally makes you feel human again.

To get photographers in the mood for Photokina and analogue photography, we hooked up with 10 Lomographers from our German and Austrian community to answer the question, “In which way did analogue photography enrich your life?” You might be surprised by the unique impact an analogue camera can have on their daily existence and how it can sublime it.

*eyecon:* “I think, with analogue, you can really broaden your horizon. It makes you think and you learn a lot about composition, aperture and shutter speed.”

Credits: eyecon

*moodification:* “Analogue photography changed my life in a way I never thought possible, and in a way digital photography never has. It makes my life more colorful, it helps me to focus on the moment, and it enables me to see things that I would have previously walked past. Analogue photography allows me to remember things, people and places, and to keep those memories more vivid.”

Credits: moodification

*shoujoai:* “Since I started with analogue photography, I discovered all the beauty around me. I never spent that much attention to blue skies and changing seasons before, and my eyes are more open to the little things.”

Credits: shoujoai

*wolkers:* “Well, I don’t think analogue photography does enrich my life – it is my life. It reflects my passion, my whole way of life, my attitude towards life, my philosophy. Analogue photography is, for me, not just a simple activity I enjoy – it defines me actually.”

Credits: wolkers

*bloomchen:* “I love the imperfectness of analogue photography and the never ending pursuit of taking a perfect shot. And then there is this aspect I love so much about analogue photography: stepping over, asking and noticing that you’re shooting analogue and it was your only chance to get the OK. Just because the one you want to take a picture of is interested in your weird cam.”

Photo by bloomchen

*trashpilotin:* “Analogue photography enriches my life with lots of colors and surprises, you get a different view to daily things and it decelerates a lot. Beside the photography, I met really special and crazy people from all over the world in the Lomography Community, which I do not want to miss in my life.”

Photo by trashpilotin

*frauspatzi:* “On the one hand, analogue photography is a hobby, on the other hand, it affects my everyday life. Because I always have an analogue camera with me, I see the world through different eyes. The choice of camera, film, exposure process and subsequently development allows me an intense preoccupation with the photo before it is finished. Analogue photography stimulates creativity, invites you to experiment, and is fun!”

Photo by frauspatzi

*t0m7:* “Analogue photography or Lomography enriches my life because since I started shooting with my LC-A, I carry it around all the time. I‘ve shot my best pictures in situations and places where I‘d never have taken a camera with me before. And the outcome is just gorgeous: blazing colours, dark vignettes, the pictures have their own, real character – it‘s like capturing life in 4-D!”

Photo by t0m7

*suizidekid:* “Analogue photography has added some excitement and also made me see things now in a different light. First is the excitement which happens from the time I pick up my negatives to the time I scan them and see my images. I shoot at least 1-2 times a week but I always get nervously excited every time.”

Photo by suizidekid

*scorpie:* “Analogue photography lets me discover the world anew on a daily basis, in a spontaneous and intuitive way. As a side-effect, it’s building up an ever-growing archive of my life , a snapshot collection of memories and moods.”

Photo by scorpie

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    big fan of @wolkers quote :)

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    very nice article and great lomographers !!!

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    ..lovely answers at all..
    @wolkers : es hat dein leben infiziert :D

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