Realistic Bokeh Oil Paintings by Philip Barlow

2012-07-12 1

With bokeh being a feature and technique many of us lomographers are fond of, it’s interesting to find an artist rendering the mesmerizing effect through oil paintings. Take a look at some of these beautiful photorealistic artworks after the jump!

Impressive oil paintings by Philip Barlow

If you think bokeh is something only made through a camera’s lens, the works of South African artist Philip Barlow will surprise you. Playing on the bokeh, Barlow creates photorealistic oil paintings that have the appealing out of focus effect. It’s not at all easy to snap a beautiful bokeh shot, and all the more to recreate them in paintings! A closer look at the masterpieces will show you how skillfully done each piece is made to make them look like they’re actual bokeh photographs.

Here are some more of his bokeh works:

Impressive oil paintings by Philip Barlow

All information for this article were taken from Philip Barlow's Website and Lost at E Minor.

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