A Night Spent in a Dream – or: Photo Exhibition by Takeshi Suga and Concerts at Lomography Gallery Store Berlin


In Berlin, this year’s summer reminds of a tropical greenhouse with humid heat and thundery cloudbursts in the evenings. Lately, one of these diluvian floods happend to see a party that was up to every trick at Lomography Gallery Store Berlin. On schedule: The opening of a Lomographic exhibition by the Japanese photographer Takeshi Suga, great bands, an epic thunderstorm and party till midnight.

Credits: lomographyberlin

Our LomoAmigo Takeshi Suga works with sweet and square Diana Mini. His floral double exposures lead us to enchanted and surreal dream spheres made from soft light and luminous colors. Or they feature bands on backstage, capturing intimate moments, telling the story behind the show.

Reminding of little gates leading to another world, his beautiful artworks will enlighten the white walls of our store until 6th August 1012. Too bad that we can not magically move through them to walk under Japanese Cherry Trees on the other side. But somehow, the windows between the worlds must have been open towards both realms of reality, for a light breeze of dreamland softly came over to us, floating sweetly and gently through the store.

Takeshi Suga presenting his photos, Indias Indios, upcoming rain.

For the matter of music, DJ Bryn Chainey came up with some psychedelic goodies, Indias Indios showcased his experimental tape deck sound-collages, and Mute Swimmer performed some self-reflexive singer-songwriter tunes – including the destruction of a Lubitel box. Wow! Fortunately, the respective Lubitel had left her paper housing long time ago to live with a friendly Lomographer. (We really could not support violence against Lubitels.) Meanwhile, a mighty thunderstorm came down outside. Heavy thunder made us wince, flashlights twitched, rain pattered. How dramatic!

Mute Swimmer, Indias Indios, party guests. Some tough guys dared to stay outside despite the torrential rain.

Later, Corwood Manual inspired us with vocals, guitar and loop station. And finally, Peter Kirn and Friends spontaneously grabbed our workshop masks and hoodies and entered stage. Soon, their noise collages and snythie sounds went totally crazy. With this UFO music, the sheep-shaped figures of the musicians and the dimm light, the scene was so out of this world! Alien sheep from outerspace. Surreal. Very surreal. Meanwhile, the beer went like… well, beer. And maybe, this brew somehow contributed to the overall spheric mood as well. Beam me up… beer.

Corwood Manual, party guests, rain.
Peter Kirn and Friends

Around midnight, photos surprisingly started to get blurry…

Credits: lomographyberlin

We would like to thank all contributing artists and our wonderful guests for this great party! The dreamy artworks by Takeshi Suga will be shown at Lomography Gallery Store Berlin, Friedrichstraße 133, Berlin-Mitte until 6th August. Come on in!

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And find some more pictures on Facebook.

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