50,000 Gummy Bears

2012-07-11 3

What weighs 220 pounds, looks like a rainbow, and is an homage to Alexander McQueen? Read on to find out how editor-in-chief Hissa Igarashi and fashion editor Sayuri Murakami created a show-stopper for the debut issue of TWELV Magazine.

Gummy Bear Dress via PSFK

Based on one of Alexander McQueen’s most iconic gowns, ‘The Parrot Dress’, this exquisitely tasty gummy bear dress was created to launch TWELV Magazine, a fashion, culture, music and art magazine. Of their incredible feat, Igarashi and assistant Marakumi said:

Alexander McQueen’s ‘The Parrot Dress’ via PSFK

[We] wanted to create something very unique in honor of McQueen and his legacy. [We] thought of doing the homage with inspiration from this dress as it fit well with [the] idea of using the gummy bears; very colorful. The gummy bears serve as a unique, creative, and colorful way of expressing such an idea and emotion.

So, how did they do it? With a lot of patience, a steel frame covered with a sheet of vinyl, and three weeks of gluing gummy bears. Are you into fashion and using different materials as fabric? Check out Nikkaxxx's Lomographic Dress.

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  1. kokskruemmel
    kokskruemmel ·

    such a waste of tasty sweets ;)

  2. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @kokskruemmel: or, what a tasty dress ;)

  3. bigbird
    bigbird ·

    yes,it sure be a what a tasty dress.....sooooo cute, i love the idea...

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