Featuring Keong Saik Road's Charming Nostalgic Architecture!


Once infamous for being Singapore’s main hooker quarters, Keong Saik Road is now a sleepy place by day, stretching from Chinatown to Tanjong Pagar, this long road boasts of Chinese-style merchants, famous food places, Peranakan shophouses and a meander to the lesser known side streets with well-preserved heritage buildings that are carefully and wonderfully restored.

It was a Dutch architect who first introduced me to the wonderful world of taking photos of the many old and charmingly special buildings here in Singapore. Having spent some months on Keong Saik Road for a work assignment, I used the remaining parts of my lunch hour to snap and document all the ones I saw and liked.

Camera:Vivitar Ultra Wide&Slim
Film: Lomography Color 800 35mm + Fuji T64 Tungsten + Lomography Color Xpro

Most photos taken at noon.

From No. 1 Keong Saik Road, there is an intersection of Craig Road and Neil Road.

If you turn left, the road brings you down to the Chinatown area. Another way to reach the Chinatown area is from the end of Keong Saik Road (one-way) that brings you to the area near Outram Park MRT. The buildings here are mainly made up of offices, old merchant-style trading companies and some F&B restaurants, pubs.

If you turn right instead and cross the cross-junction around Cantonment area, walking towards Everton Park and through the apartment HDBs you will reach Everton Road, Spottiswoode Park, Blair Road, and another part of Neil Road. This place is mostly residential with Peranakan and Asian-themed architectural features.

Buddha Tooth Temple, decorated on Vesak Day

Here are the photos from the “left turn”:

Indian temple near the end of Keong Saik Road
A garishly colorful building
Club Street
Club Street
Not many people know that there is a rooftop bar, through this door…
Man on the street

Here are the photos from the “right turn”

Flowers on street sign
All in the details
Every house on this road is a masterpiece!
Here is the start of the road into Everton Park
Row of residences, shophouse style
Beautiful greenery at the entrances of the houses
White on white details
I think this is refurbished to be a boutique hotel
Restored to grandeur, Peranakan styled
Mix of the East and West here
Animal resident spotted

Here is Keong Saik Road itself and a bit on Teo Hong Road/Duxton Park:

Jinrickshaw building, must have some deep history in this place.
Craig Road is filled with antiques, selling working typewriters, old cameras, high-quality vintage things.
Teo Hong Road, Chinese-style decor
Keong Saik Road’s Chinese temple
Boutique hotel
Traditional breakfast: kaya toast and eggs
My favorite building of the lot! There is a cafe at the bottom with a super friendly auntie-owner!

The details on the houses are amazing and I just love to walk through these areas looking at the designs. I’m glad that these places still remain in the city of Singapore and I hope that not only do we take photos of the amazing city skyline in the Marina Bay area, we remember that the old places have a story to tell as well!

The most modern building of all, the new, super high rise apartment, Pinnacle at Duxton!

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