Christmas Tradition: It's time to work!

2012-12-06 1

Christmas is suppose to be a time to Love, Give and spend time with Family. Really the time up until then is a mad rush around South Florida attending Christmas Parties for business.

A busy banquet hall.

I decided to move back to South Florida in the fall almost two years ago. There were many factors luring me back; most importantly work. So I wrapped up things in Jacksonville and headed south to work for my father at the family’s radio station. My father would constantly fill my head with things I was going to enjoy by coming back: having work, being home, boxes of vintage cameras and Christmas parties. A box of vintage cameras was enough said.

Visiting the Xmas show I used to dance in.

It was December when I arrived. There was lots of buzz around me returning home and already two big jobs. One would be photographing a Christmas performance; Something I really enjoy since I’ve stopped dancing. It was a real different experience being on the other side of something I would do every year. Another job was assisting on a small model shoot; mostly setting up lights and things. All that on top of learning the radio and other parts of the production company. It was a swell of information; but lots of added confidence for mixing with other business types.

The guys at work wrap their presents.

The Christmas parties; they are normally help by a local Chamber of Commerce to help business owners mix and at the end of the day you hope you’ve manage to sell something to someone. Normally cost money to attend these events and the bigger they are, the fancier the place, the amount of food really reflects on the ticket price to get in the door. So I get dressed up, grab a camera, and run off to some banquet hall or restaurant.

Xmas with Gables Chamber at the Biltmore Hotel.

It’s makes that week or two before Christmas very hectic; you work all day then you are stuck all night working more. The events are always at an interesting place; I take advantage of that to snap a few interesting photos. For the business world it seems work is the Christmas tradition.

Xmas with Homestead Chamber at their offices.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    As I'm hooked on color my I say that the tones of your pictures are amazing!

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