Promenade Performances at Third Street Santa Monica

We’re lucky here at Lomography Gallery Store Santa Monica. We don’t need to hit the movie theater, drive to see a show or stand in line to see bands play—we have all the entertainment we could ever need just outside our doorstep. The Third Street Promenade provides an open venue for performers of all talents, and ensures there’s never a dull moment. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite local performers.

Angela’s glittery face paint reflects the sun and could catch anyone’s eye from afar. This much costume and makeup prep is relatively rare for Third Street performers, but don’t be intimidated by the showiness: she remains one of the most approachable dancers around. (Maybe that’s part of the reason she’s been doing this successfully for 20 years!) She specializes in Middle Eastern bellydancing, and gives lessons for people with all levels of experience.

John and Katrina had only been here a few days when we spoke with them. They’re originally from a small town in Oregon, and have just been “sort of drifting around” with no concrete plans involving where to go next. They were also unconcerned with getting the perfect spot on the promenade, but each seemed really interested in what the other was playing. Who knows how long the duo will grace us with their presence, but for the time being, if you’re lucky, you can find them jamming out in Santa Monica. John will be plucking his banjo and Katrina strumming her guitar, with the comfort level of two friends in an impromptu living room jam session.

Sarab can do it all: Persian, Arabic, Turkish, ballroom, you name it. Her energy level is impressive when you stop to notice the sign she displays near her tip jar. It reads: “70 Years Young!” She can be found on facebook under Sarab Falcon, and welcomes any dance partners who are brave enough to step in.

When we met Beat Boy Barafuco, he was just packing up and heading home with his girlfriend/tour manager Marisol. They were both really friendly, and stayed to chat about the life for a few extra minutes. Barafuco is a self-described “hip hop breakdancer, with a bit of comedy thrown in.” He couldn’t show us all of his moves due to a recent back injury, but cut the guy some slack: he’s been breaking it down for ten years now. His show is action-packed and the perfect subject matter for our multi-lens cameras like the Supersampler

Wrapping up our post is the local heartthrob, singer/guitarist Chris Lightfoot. With his soothing voice and curly locks, he stops the ladies in their tracks (which in turn stops their boyfriends to see what the holdup is.) When asked about the car battery hooked up to his amp, he explained that since Santa Monica doesn’t allow musicians to use their power outlets, the performers find other means. Chris can do it all: he also used to play percussion for another performer. Now he flies solo, and is doing quite well considering it’s only his second year. His music is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Next time you’re Santa Monica way, stop by the promenade and check out some of the performances for yourself. Say hello, and remember—tips are appreciated!

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