A Short DO's and DON'Ts for Ultra Wide Angles

2012-07-20 1

Here’s a list of what you should do and should not do when working with an Ultra Wide Angle lens. With these tips and tricks, you will be on your right track in producing fun and interesting photos! Enjoy!

Don’t you hate it when you back up as far as you can go, but you still can’t get whatever your taking a picture of inside the frame. Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones who own an Lomo LC-Wide camera, then this is the tips and tricks page for you to read!

Credits: area51delcorazon

Horizontal vs. Vertical
Try out both horizontal and vertical shots! Everybody knows that panoramic scenes are best shot with a wide angle lens. This way you can get everything in the scene in one shot! When you’re working with very tall subjects or you want a ground-to-sky perspective, you can also play around with the wide angle lens to get great shots! Just because it’s mostly used for panoramic shots, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take gorgeous vertical shots!

Credits: harrietgreen

Aim For The Sky
Staying the in vertical topic, another trick you can do with your wide angle lens is to aim for the sky. Get down on the ground (get down on all four, squat, or you can even lay down), stand in front of the large subject, tilt your camera up as if aiming for the sky, and shoot! Try getting up close and personal with signs, statues, lights, trees, or anything large enough to fill most of your frame. You will still get a focused background like buildings or the sky, due to the larger depth of field.

Credits: lomomowlem

Corner Lines
Most photographers will notice the lines that are in their frame. A neat trick that some use is to have a line come out of one of the corners of the frame and extend towards the middle. So, for example, when you’re shooting a long tunnel, try aligning the lines that the tunnel make so that it comes out of the corners of the frame and converges towards the middle of the frame.

Credits: kaelcat

Avoid Edge People
The ultra wide angle will keep straight lines pretty straight in the middle of the frame, but when it gets to the edge, it will drastically curve and stretch whatever subject you placed there. When your taking pictures of landscapes, you won’t notice this stretching that much. But try (well, actually don’t) placing a person on either left or right edge of your frame and they will be distorted for sure!

Take a look at the photo below. Can you tell that the woman on the right is a bit stretched? But it’s just a small stretch, and hey, this is Lomography, and golden rule #10 says Don’t Worry About Any Rule! So go wild!

Credits: eva_eva

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