Seeing Double Upside-Down

2012-07-12 8

There are countless great double/multi exposure photos in the Lomography Library. I was always impressed by those great overlapping photos. Double/multi exposures always give us a surprise and dreamy images just like a wonderful painting.

Credits: yokekei

I had done a lot of research on double exposures before I started my first double exposed experimental. Read tips and techniques on Lomography magazine’s Tipster, went through the instruction manual on how to do MX on a particular camera, and found out more tips on the Flickr discussion board.

I am so happy that I’ve received my Seoul Edition La Sardina camera a few months ago, which is my first time winning an award for a Lomography rumble through the “Seoul All Around You competition”. I can’t wait to experience this camera with its convenient “MX” button, which allows me to do double exposures immediately. Now, I would like to share my recent upside down double exposure experimental photos.

Double your images with the upside down technique. How to do it? Firstly, I took the first image as normal. Then, I “activated” the MX button. After that, I turned over my camera and took the same image just like the previous one which means my camera lens is on top of the viewfinder and the shutter release is facing downwards now. And that’s it! Upside down double exposures have been made.

Credits: yokekei

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