How to Customize Your Holga 135BC

2012-07-10 2

I found a way to customize my Holga without paint and the best part is that you can change it whenever you want. After I did mine, a friend asked me to do the same with hers, so I began to think that maybe this could be a nice tipster to share with the Lomography community.

I’ve had my Holga 135BC for a couple of months now and from the first day I wanted to customize it, but I was afraid to use paint! So, I started to think…How can I customize my Holga everytime I feel like it?

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Rule
  • A4 Sticker Sheets (you can get them in any stationery shop for less than 30 cents)

Once we’ve picked the print we want in our Holga, the procedure is quite simple: we have to measure the areas we want to customize and then with a Photo Editing Software we have to cut each part (I used Photoshop).

In Photoshop, I chose the rectangle selection tool and in the “Fixed Size” fields I included the sizes I’ve measured before. Then I copied and pasted the print in one DIN A4 canvas. As simple as that!

For the lens cap I did the exactly the same, but I used the circle selection tool, and in the “Fixed Sized” fields I added the diametre.

Here you go! When you have your prints in a DIN A4 canvas, you just need to print them and if you haven’t decided for just one design, why not print them all?

Once you have them printed, take your scissors and cut them! You can take advantage of the whole sticker surface and print several designs — it may take you a while to cut them but it’s worth it!

That’s all! With the print cut for our Holga, just stick it to its surface and we’ll have a completely new camera!

I hope you like it! Have in mind that you can use this technique in any camera, you just need to adjust the sizes of the customized areas!

Enjoy your customized camera!

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    omigoodness, that's amazing! i'm pretty tired of the plain ol' black holga 135, i'll definitely give this a shot!

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