LomoCelebs: Taiwan's Katncandix2 with Diana F+ Glow in the Dark!


This popular Taiwanese band loves using their Lomography camera! Even while on the road for performances, Ball of Katncandix2 brings along her Diana F+ Glow with her to document her daily life! Seems like she’s got the Instant Back with it as well!

Photo via Facebook

On the 2nd of July, Ball of katncandix2 uploaded a picture of her using her Diana F+ Glow in the Dark with what seems like the Instant Back attached to it on the band’s Facebook account!

Despite rushing for their performances, Ball found time to use her lovely Lomography camera! This goes to show that Lomography really isn’t an interference with our lives but part of it. We hope she shares her photos!

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark captures the same dreamy, lo-fi, medium format images as the original Diana F+. Born to shine, just warm her up under strong lights and watch her glow! See her with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

written by aletheafu on 2012-07-13 #news #glow #diana-f #instant-back #taiwanese #diana-f-clones #lomocelebs

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