LomoAmiga Artemis Günebakanlı And Her Fisheye Baby 110


Photographer, blogger, radio programmer Artemis Günebakanlı, was shooting with Fisheye Baby 110. We took a look at her photos and interviewed with her. Are you curious to see what her photos look like and what we talked about ? Keep reading.

Name: Artemis Günebakanlı
Country: Türkey
Occupation: Photographer, blogger, radio programmer
Website: www.artemisgunebakanli.com and www.manyetikbant.me

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am almost 27. I keep doing what I want to do and I am confused in life and in mind. I graduated from Galatasaray University Communication Faculty. I started photography during university and my photographic works are now the center of my life. In the meantime my fun project, my music blog became my profession. To get pocket money, I translated texts, including a novel by Philip K. Dick. I used to sleep while listening to the radio and now I have a program on Açık Radio. I write music articles and interviews for tablet magazine “feat”… So my life revolves around music, concerts, photography, articles and radio.
Have you ever used an analogue camera before?
Since the time we used to have our compact cameras for holidays, I always have some analogue cameras around!

What do you like most about analogue photography?

When I am shooting analogue I care more about the photo. I like not seeing the photos I shoot directly and waiting for development. It makes me feel calm in this fast world.

Are you using any other analogue things?

My room is full of tapes. I am addicted to my smart phone but I never give up notebook and organizer. Some stuff deserves to be written not in phone but on a piece of paper.

Have you ever shot in 110?

Nope, never.

Describe Fisheye 110 Baby with two words

Handy and cute.

What do you like to shoot most?

I like to shoot series with stories. And also I like to work on details. Working with people is difficult to learn but fun to do.

What would you like to be doing most right now, and what would you want to be shooting?

Nowadays I am busy with music festivals, so I will say I want to be in a festival. I get drunk on adrenaline when I am shooting in front of the stage. Other than festivals I want to be in a tropical place where you don’t care about life’s worries and I want to shoot people who are living in there.

Is there anyone in particular whom you’d like to take photos of?

Answer for this question is not changed for years; Nick Cave & Ferhan Şensoy.

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