Workshop Highlights: 'Color By Numbers' LomoKino Workshop


“Snap! Move! Snap! Move!” Equipped with only a LomoKino and Arts & Crafts materials, we can slowly but surely create interesting stop-motion movies! Here was what happened during our first “Color By Numbers” Stop-Motion LomoKino Workshop which took place at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore!

Our participants had a good exposure with their LomoKinos by trying out a different form of taking movies: stop-motion! They were guided by own fellow staff member Melissa and after a few times of rotating the crank, our participants were so engrossed in their movie-making that we could see their creative juices flowing on their own drawing blocks!

Looks like a lot of work, but it’s really very simple!

Our participants had a fun and refreshing time reminiscing the childhood days of using drawing blocks and crayons, as well as felt markers, while utilizing the LomoKino to create a story. Now, that’s what we call ‘Old School’!

Here is a video of our very own stop-motion movie! Enjoy!

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