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2012-07-17 1

Most people say the bigger, the better. Some say size doesn’t matter. But if you’ve ever held an LC-Wide, you would definitely say the wider, the better. We’re talking about cameras here people. Behave…

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Most of you are probably already acquainted with the Lomo LC-Wide camera. But how well do you know the camera? Well here’s some motivation for those of you who are still contemplating on whether to buy one or not.

The Lomo LC-Wide is equipped with a sophisticated 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens. Ultra.Wide Angle (UWA for short) is one awesome lens that lets you capture a scene with various angles of views. 104 degrees for the normal full format, 89 degrees for the square format, and 81 degrees for the half-frame format.

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If you notice that your photos are more in focus, this is due the wider depth of field that the the UWA lens gives. The Lomo LC-Wide only has two focusing zones (40cm – 80cm and 80cm to infinity), rather than four like its predecessors. So don’t worry if you forget to set the focus, you have a 50-50 chance! All in all, the camera will allow you to make awesome scenic panoramas and extreme close-ups! Of course it will still give you the great vignetting that LC-A cameras are famous for!

If you have a Lomo LC-A+ camera and thinking of trading it up for an Lomo LC-Wide camera, think about all the things you can pack in one frame and the awesome focusing on close-up photos!

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The Lomo LC-Wide boasts the newly-developed 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens. This 35mm camera wonder is the perfect companion for your photo expeditions. It produces eye-catching splashes of colour with astonishing saturation and contrasts with the added versatility of 3 different formats. Open up to a new photographic experience with the LC-Wide, available in our Shop.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Awesome pictures, pastel colors and great light!

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