Spotted: Lomography Camera Featured in ZIGGY


The too school for cool monthly publication, ZIGGY, chose one of our too cool for school cameras to feature in their June issue! Just which splendid camera do you think they chose?

Yes that’s right! It was our sturdy hammered-metal La Sardina Splendour complete with Fritz the Blitz , our most powerful Lomography flash to date!

The La Sardina Splendour is not only simple to use but also captivating with its stunning retro-style body. Born to be the talk of the town, this elegant creation is bound to gain you some street cred when you hit the streets with it!

So hurry and get yours today as the La Sardina line-up of cameras is constantly changing. Judging from the beauty of this baby, we would say that it won’t be long before it’s all snatched up! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Add a touch of sophistication to your wide-angle escapades. The La Sardina Metal Editions can shoot amazingly expansive Lomographs while indulging your senses with its fine looks and classic appeal. Whether you choose Beluga in red or Czar in blue, you’ll have taste of analogue luxury with the La Sardina Metal Editions. Get them in our Shop now!

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