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I went to Mabul Island last month and it’s an ideal place to dive, snorkeling, and also enjoy the sunny beach. I also brought my LC-Wide and LC-A+with Krab, and my mum for a holiday together!

Credits: cutebun

Last month I had the privilege to go to Mabul Island for a short 3 days 2 nights holiday trip! I’m staying in Kota Kinabalu(KK), so in order to go to Mabul, I need to take a 30 minute flight to Tawau, then a one hour car ride to Semporna, and another hour by boat to get to Mabul! I know it sounds exhausting but believe me; the view is so spectacular that you’ll forgot all your problems once you are here.

This special edition AirAsia plane is our ride from KK to Tawau. There’s a huge dragon drawing in conjunction with the dragon year this year!

We reached Semporna town after an hour in the car, and to the port! There’s a pretty boat from the tribes living in Semporna.

You can see my mum too in doubles

The waves that day were rough so we took more than an hour to reach the island. You can see islands that I took photos of before reaching Mabul.

Credits: cutebun
I was staying at Scuba Junkie lodge and the first one to welcome us is the resident cat, squeezel!

The warm hospitality really lightens up my spirits to shoot as much as possible.

We are welcomed with Hibiscus flowers on our steps to the room.

After putting down our luggage, we proceed to take a look around the island. The beautiful island view and from the jetty is just priceless.

Credits: cutebun

On the second day, I went to join the Discover Scuba Diving program at the jetty. I learnt the basic Do’s and Don’ts of diving from my instructor. After a basic introduction and some paperwork to sign, we proceed to get our equipments from the dive shop. The equipments include: weights, dive suit, flippers, mask, oxygen tank and also the underwater breathing equipment.

Credits: cutebun

I was so excited to bring my Krab and LC-Wide to dive with me for the first time! I double checked the Krab to make sure the case is completely waterproof before diving with them. I wore all the equipment except the tank, flippers and mask until I reach the water at the jetty. My first basic dive is conducted around the Scuba Junkie jetty. The area is sandy with a lot of fishes and some creatures hidden under the camouflage of the ocean sand. After an hour, we ascend to the surface to eat lunch and by that time, the oxygen was 90% used up.

Credits: cutebun

I went for my second dive an hour after lunch and I also reel in a brand new film for my underwater adventure! Second dive was on the corals side of the jetty. The corals and creatures are absolutely beautiful. I even saw turtles swimming in the ocean floor! My instructor pointed out a lot of hidden camouflage creatures during our dive. After an hour, we went back to the surface for tea break and also to change a new roll of film into my camera.

Credits: cutebun

As for my third dive, I get to ride on the speedboat to the resort next to the resort where I stay for a dive. The feeling of dropping backwards from the boat into the sea was thrilling and yet excited. I need to hold onto my breathing equipment and mask on my way down to prevent them from slipping. I got more shots this dive and even saw a seahorse hiding in a coral. Although the photos turned out to be not as clear as I seen it, it’s just amazing diving underwater and seeing a brand new world.

Credits: cutebun

Overall, it’s a new experience diving underwater and having seen a lot of wonderful creatures down below, we should all work towards conserving and protect the environment so that our cameras can continue capturing all the beautiful sea view. My mum and I had fun and enjoyed ourselves on Mabul Island!

You can see the resorts, villages and areas around Mabul Island.

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  1. shind
    shind ·

    Where did you stay at Mabul? By the way, all the pictures are amazing. Kinda miss Mabul island tho.

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    @shind I stayed at Scuba Junkie resort =) Thank you

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