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With the myriad of locations articles being sent in about Paris – usually featuring the same places article after article, our Locations Feature of the Week proved to be a very pleasant surprise!

Photo by sye

Out of the many, many, MANY articles that we receive here in for Locations, it can’t be helped that there will be times wherein the same places will get featured over and over again. To make things still interesting, it’s up to how you guys present the location through pictures and words that make it different from the other articles that feature the same location.

Of course, we really appreciate everyone’s effort in submitting their Locations articles but sometimes, a feature on something that hasn’t been written about much will definitely catch our attention!

Last week, joaomiguelsantoscunha sent in his translation of The I Love You Wall article originally written by sye. The text was pretty simple but straightforward and was complemented by great photos. If you think about it, the actual featured location is quite simple too but it’s uniqueness and quirky appeal made it a standout among Lomographers.

Photo by sye

Got your own unique location to share? It doesn’t matter if it’s a hole-in-wall cafe, another wall, or a pocket park which you consider as your “happy place”, we’re always curious to know the different places that you guys have been to or frequent, no matter where you may be in the world! Just keep those Locations articles coming!

Photo by sye

Are you interested in being the next Article of the Week for Locations? Then start submitting your locations features now! Don’t forget this month’s requested posts for extra piggy points!

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