How to Shoot Dazzling Doubles with Lomography Spinner 360

2012-08-08 1

I did an experiment for doing doubles with the Spinner 360. I did it in my campus about some month ago. Read about it after the jump!

Maybe it’s normal if you take double with Holga, Diana, or other lomography camera. That time, I only have the Spinner 360 and I was curious about doubles. But I wondered, how could I do it with my Spinner? That was the reason why I did an experiment for shooting doubles with the Spinner 360. and now i wanna share this experiment..

What I did in this experiment was, I took a photo the normal way with the Spinner 360. Spin it once, then, after you’re done, set the aperture to “R”. Then, take off the rubber band and roll the film back a little. Now, you can shoot another subject for the double exposure. Set the rubber band, set the aperture back like before, and spin it again.

That’s it! I hope my experiment can be useful for all Spinner users. If you do get to try it out, go ahead and share your shots below!

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  1. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    I had to figure that out on a swing ride when the cord stopped mid ride. Changing film was not an option while whizzing around by chains under my butt. So Rewind then Double it was meant to be.

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