Campus Side with Spinner 360


I wanna share some sides of my campus in Indonesia taken with my Spinner 360, enjoy!

It’s my very first article on, and I want to start it with a locations article on my campus, University of Indonesia.

In my campus, you can explore every single side of it to take pictures with your camera. I’ve already practiced a lot with my Spinner camera here and ended up with a lakeside scenery, urban life, some trees, and other things that you won’t get to see in other universities in Indonesia.

More so, you can also get a view of the forest with tall trees or a view of the different five lakes in this university, or even take photos of modern and classic architecture..

I feel lucky to be able to study here and practice my photography skills but you can also practice your photography skills here even if you’re not a student, because it’s free to go inside end explore the entire campus. I’m sorry if I made any mistakes in my very first article. See ’ya in my next article!

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written by arydwiaji on 2012-07-17 #places #location #urban-adventures #university-indonesia-spinner-campus-double-exposured

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