Live the Creole Rhythm of La Habana

2012-07-17 4

We all know Cuba is different, but why? Is it the historical context, is it the mixture of people and traditions, is it the climate…What makes this island so attractive? Well, I must say that there’s magic in that place that makes you feel like nowhere else in the world. Discover La Habana through your lomo-eyes.

In La Habana you never know what’s around the corner: a majestic old house, a party of boys playing football under the rain, somebody selling limes on the street, a dog smelling the neighbourhood rubbish dump or some people standing in line for the bus to the city centre.

For me it’s a city of contrasts: the rich and the poor, the new and the old, the light and the dark, the smell of fresh fruit and rotten fruit, and everything else that tries to live in harmony with the rest. That’s why it’s so easy to capture the essence of this place.

When you walk around the city you realize that the most colourful mixture of races and traditions is there! And what’s more, the happiness of the people, the glitter in their clothes, their cheerful way of expressing themselves…you immediately feel embraced by that lifestyle.

If you ever have the chance to get to know their culture from the inside, you wouldn’t believe how rich it is. The traditions that were brought to the island 300 years ago are still alive. You can tell it by the way they cook and the ingredients they use to keep the evil spirits away, the way they pray to their gods, their Afro-Latin rhythm.

You’ll never get tired of all that creole culture.

It’s the perfect scenario to bring all your cameras and don’t stop shooting. With all that, nothing could go wrong.

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    Wonderful article!! The of the man working on his car, the car is a '52 Nash Metropolitan.

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    carlos_rc ·

    Hermoso lugar y reportaje. Gracias.

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    Cool !!!!!!

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