Nathan's Famous Hotdog Stand


The worlds most famous hotdog stand.

This place is pretty cool. Its also old as well. This place has been going since 1916 and is Coca-Colas longest standing customer. IN YOUR FACE McDONALDS! It is one of the iconic places of Coney Island with a loyal customer base ranging from presidents and Kings to mobsters crazy people.

Lots of people say that this is the best hotdog on the planet and if you assume that all hotdogs come from dubious origins and are served in a bun that dissolves on your tongue. then i guess these are the best. As i am a food snob i would say that a better hotdog would be one using a real sausage in a baguette. My Girlfriend (a real New Yaaawker) reprimands me every time i say this as “that is not a hotdog. its a sausage in a baguette” . We both agreed that the crinkly cut fries are a bit ropey and the fryer could do with an oil change.

Also every year there is a world famous hotdog eating contest held on 4th July. The story of how it started is pretty cool. Four guys were having an argument over who was the most patriotic so to decide they each tried to eat as many hotdogs as possible in 10 minutes. It was one by an Irish man called Neer Sehgal. 94 years later the contest is still going strong and the 2009 winner, Joey Chestnut, ate a stomach swelling 68 hotdogs! A true patriot.

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  1. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    nathans! yeah. im going there to coney island soon!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    68 hotdogs... Insane... Cool gallery !

  3. -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-
    -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- ·

    I love your stories from the BIG PEAR

  4. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    i could eat like 42 hot dogs. no.

  5. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    and what camera did you use?

  6. tommynorth
    tommynorth ·

    @ilovemydiana: I use a Nikon Fm2, the film was fujicolour 400 i think.…

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