Spotted: Men's Folio features the Diana F+ Neptune Green


True fashionable men are able to rock any color, even cotton candy Neptune Green. Here’s our all time favorite Diana F+ “Neptune Green” featured in Men’s Folio, the fashion and lifestyle magazine dedicated to the latest in menswear, design and luxury indulgences. You will be truly picture perfect with it by your side.

Our ever lovely Diana F+ coated in cotton candy Neptune Green is definitely an eye-catching star in its own right on the fashion runway. It’s our old trusty dreamy Diana F+ in a fresh mint coat. With it being so popular, it has gone officially out of stock! Fret not though, we still have other Diana F+ Clones that are equally as attractive. So go on and take amazing pictures while looking amazingly fabulous yourself with our Diana F+ Clones in tow! Grab one before it’s gone forever!

Be sure to drop by the Lomography Store to be mesmerized by the other awesome Diana F+ clones and also the other lovely Lomography cameras we have in store for you!

The Diana F+ is a camera chameleon. There’s an edition to complement any personality. Meet your Diana match in our Shop now!

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