LomoAmiga Yozoh Shoots with the Lomo LC-A


Do you happen to remember Yozoh’s impressive album cover for her single released last December. Either way, make sure to read about our latest LomoAmiga whointroduces herself as a person who sings. Listen to the simple story she tells us about her analog images. Her images, much like her music are about every day life presented in a transparent cleanliness.

Briefly tell us about yourself.

Actually, introducing one’s self is always difficult. It started from elementary school. Especially talking about hobbies and one’s specialty. For it’s really difficult to find a draw a line from hobby to specialty.

Hmm… I’m Yozoh. I’m a person who sings.

I’m not sure if it is hobby or specialty. Maybe, if i had to apply for the general office, i would have been an idle for a while.

Is there any episode or relation that you bump into lomography camera for the first time?

Someone i close, she used to like taking pictures. So i found out about lomo. Was it high school? I broke it while renting it. She didn’t get angry. So i borrowed it one more time. And then i broke it again. But she didnt get angry this time either. It must be annoying. May because out of love, but i got it from her as a gift. At that time, i thought , I would broke it again ,but turns out i use it quite long time.

lomo LC-A+ Could you describe a camera in five words?

Faith.Hope.Love. For the most, Love.

Could you recommend 3 songs that goes well with your pictures?
Cate le bon- Sad sad feet
Pink floyd – San tropez
장필순- 풍선

Tell us about your recent album cover that used analog film.Is there any particular reason for it? Tell us about your album cover.

There’s no special reason for it. But, thesedays, i don’t really use digital camera at all. Lomo or film automatic camera im using. I was looking for a picture for the cover, and those recent images i got, was film images. So naturally, that made the cover with all the film pictures.

Yozoh’s first single album cover ‘우리는 선처럼 가만히 누워’

Is there any relations with your pictures and songs you make ?
Is there any song that made you inspired by pictures?

I sing a song that i want to sing about, and take a picture what i i wanna take picture of, so they should related to each other in a coherence. But i can’t really explain what it is. I didn’t get inspired by picture but i watched TV once, and got inspired by the image. It is a giraffe all alone by himself, on a meadow in serengeti.
‘아 외로워’ 라는곡이에요.

Is there anyone you wanna photograph of? Just one.

Actually i always have fun whenever i take a picture with my dad. He loves to making punk kid expression on his face. Normally, if you are posing to take a picture, people are hesitating how to make a facial expression except my dad. So that’s why i always want to photogragh my dad for a long, long time.

Where do you want to go if you can go off to anywhere?
And what do you want to do in there?

Want to eat something.
I want to order something in french and eating it.
At least I know how to say those kind of stuff in french.

Is there anyone or thing you get to photograph a lot without notice?

As i told you before, Father.
My feet a lot
and the sky.. with lots of clouds on

Do you have any experiance with the picture that made you cry?

The 김영갑 Gallery. I go there everytime i visit jeju island. At there, it makes me cry all the time.

What do you think is the attractiveness of lomo camera?

Usually, people want to controll the camera they are using, to get a picture how they want it to be. But lomo has got a feeling that it does not work like that. You don’t know the result. That totally depends on sir lomo. It got that kind of boldness. And i like it.

Is there anythings that can be sympathized with on this aricle? 아날로그 미래에 관한 열가지 예언

I think that is the most perfect guid line that not single of them can be thrown away. You know,come to think of it, important storys are really simple and cliché. like, ‘You can do it.’

Is there any analog stuff, life pattern, or habbit you have, beside digital products?

Usually, i’m pretty analog. I buy books at a bookstore, watching movie at a theater. Even, not long ago, For saving money and trasfering, i went to the bank. Looks a bit borring but it’s a troublesome for me to become an online member.

Thanks for your sincere corporation, Yozoh.

Yozoh’s official hompage: http://www.yozoh.com
Pastel music homepage: http://www.pastelmusic.com/

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