Organize your Photos and Film Negatives in a Simple Way

2012-07-11 2

Sometimes organization can be indeed helpful. All these different films and cameras…you mix them up so easily. You kind of need to write down which camera and film you used. Let me share with you a tip on how I do it in this tipster!

Few weeks later my films are developed and I want to upload those in my lab, but when did I shoot them? What day and what time? Have you asked yourself the same questions? If so, read on!

I made an index on my PC for that and printed it several times. I’ve put these prints in a manila folder. Now I always write down which film I put in which camera and when. When I’ve made a LomoWalk, I write down what can be found in the images.

I’ve got four columns in my index, so I can note down:

  • Which camera and
  • Which film (plus the ISO rate) I used
  • What you can see in these images
  • And when I made those (time and date).

The index makes things way easier, especially when I pick up the film long time after shooting it and want to upload the photos in my LomoHome. I can see all data instantly.

I also write down numbers on the envelopes for the negatives and note down these numbers on my index — this makes it even easier. When I look for a special image, I take a look on my list and know which envelope to take.

You need organization for your chaos? Make an index with Word or Pages and your problem is solved.

Have fun with keeping your negatives organized!

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  1. crazyglinc
    crazyglinc ·

    i scan my negs,(on a get round to it basis) then stick em back in the tub and write on the tub,

  2. expatria
    expatria ·

    After Scanning the pics, I import them in iPhoto (or other Software) @ the computer I have an Folder with all my Pics, each Sub-Folder is named
    "Year-Month-Day_envelope Nr._Camera_Film+ISO_Theme"
    looks like
    12-01-16_0022_Lubitel_Rollei Superpan 200 - 120 b&w_City walk
    so can I storage all the negatives in a box and always have the pics on the computer.

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