Lomoamigo Pablo Ientile Shoots With his Diana F+ Cai Guo-Qiang

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Pablo Ientile is an Argentinian illustrator who has traveled around the world with his notebook under his arm. Meet this adventurer artist and enjoy his wit and the photos he has shot with his Diana F + Cai Guo-Qiang, a camera which has indeed suffered a slight transformation.

Hi Pablo! Tell us a little about yourself, a quick and less formal presentation.

Hello, my name is Pablo Ientile, I’m an illustrator and designer, I was born in Buenos Aires and I love traveling, drawing, and especially the “pincho de tortilla”. I always dreamed of being a rock star, but I’m content with making playlists of indie music. I’m bad at sports so while the others played football I drew as a child. This sums up a bit who I am.

But , what have you done to your Diana F + Cai Guo-Qiang?! We love it! How did this happen?

Glad that you like it! When I got the camera I found it too… black, so I decided to customize it adding some drawings of my own. Lately I’m drawing on almost all devices I have at home.

*How was shooting with your Diana F + camera Cai Guo-Qiang? *

It was like a deja vú. I grew up with analogue cameras, so I loved to have that feeling again. That feeling of not knowing how your photos will turn out, to be anxious to see the photos developed.That’s great! And it’s a good tool to flirt and meet people, everyone asks me if it’s a real camera.

The Diana in 5 words:

Aperture, film, framing, picture, yeah!

Tell us, who is that adorable bear that we see in your Lomographs?

That bear is Pablo Bear, a character that I have created to personify myself. I use it to tell my experiences, thoughts, worries. I decided to use a character to give it exaggerated expressions and not worry if I was handsome in the picture or not. People tell me that he really looks like me. Could it be because I’ve grown a beard?

What are your sources of inspiration? Where do your muses live?

Inspiration is there, where you least expect it. What helps me the most is to get out of my environment, go for a walk, do things that have nothing to do with my work. The people around me inspire me a lot, they are part of my work, they are individuals, just like me. Lately I’ve been paying close attention to the cities I visit, especially the houses. Never thought I would draw architecture, but I like it.

Is there still a part of your creative process that is analog or (even if it hurts) are you a completely digital guy?

Of course! I start all my work with pencil and paper, sometimes I like to draw on tablet or computer directly but when the thing is serious it always passes first through the paper before the computer. For some years now I always carry a notebook with me to draw, its more important than my mobile phone.

*You have the power now to teleport yourself anywhere in the world with your camera and a bag full of reels, where would you go and why? *

I would love to teleport to South America, Argentina after first passing through Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia to reach Mexico. And the more rolls the better! Drawing landscapes, people!

If you could have your photo taken with anyone in the world, living, dead, famous, not famous, whoever it is … Who would it be?

My dream is to interview, with photo included, Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead. His music is a constant inspiration in my work, I love that my drawings are like his songs. And if in the middle of the interview Pablo Picasso appeared, it would complete the family picture.

*What projects have you been working on lately or what are your future plans? If you can tell, of course. *

My latest project is Illustration Around the World, the project is about travelling and drawing around Asia for 6 months. The trip is finished but now I’m working on a book about the experience. The idea is to finish the book later this year, and then to continue with this project and draw all over the world.

Can you choose one of the photos you’ve done and intervene it with a picture?

Yes, of course!

Thank you for sharing this with us Pablo! The intervened photos are gorgeous.

See Pablo Ientile’s wonderful work on his website

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