Avondale Vineyards, South Africa

2012-07-16 2

Avondale, South Africa’s only organic vineyard. “Terra Est Vita” is Avondale’s slogan, which means “Soil is Life”. As a big fan of organic and bio dynamic wines, I couldn’t resist visiting South Africa’s only organic wine producer.

Situated at the foot of the Klein Drakensrien Mountains in the Paarl Valley, Avondale pioneers in the sustainable viticulture and wine-making. Here, it is all about slow wine making and allowing the wines the time that they need to reach their greatest potential. Each wine has been handcrafted, which in turn has been certified organic, grown bio-dynamically, using the best 21st Century science, technology, and knowledge. And the fact which I love most, it doesn’t contain any sulfates!

In 1997, John and Ginny Grieve, owners of Vital Health Foods, purchased Avondale as their family farm. Youngest son, Johnathan Grieve took up the challenge of transforming this long-used land into a robust, balanced vineyard/ecosystem that would ensure that Avondale will support the lives of future generations. The first vintage under the Avondale label was produced in 1999.

In 2000, a catastrophic fire swept down the mountains. Out of the ashes rose the opportunity to truly sculpt the land and its natural systems in an unfettered, sustainable way. They also use natural soil fertilizers, such as enormous groups of geese, which they let to run freely around the vineyard. The moon calendar is very important too.

Wine tastings here are free, in case you want to buy some wine, which you should! Eco tours are also available. Not only can you tour the farm but also visit the state-of-art gravity flow cellar. Avondale also has an impressive art collection, which graces the walls of the tasting room (there is also a marvelous fire place to warm you up in case you are visiting in the winter, like us).

Seven wines are produced here in total: Armilla, Anima, Cyclus, Camissa, Samsara, La Luna, and Navitas. Try them all before making up your mind.

Opening times:
Monday – Saturday: 10.00 to 16.00

Klein Drakenstein, Paarl, South Africa
Paarl South, 7624

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