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In the mood for a little DIY Fashion? We love her style and we love her lomographs, but this totally analogue dress is certainly one of our favorite pieces of hers. Read about how Nikkaxx used around 600 film cans, along with other analogue goodies to create this beautiful garment.

Fashion in Analog. My Lower Case x…That’s the name of one of my two projects which were part of “Like a Virgin”. Those of you who know me, know my project, “Like a Virgin”, which is comprised of photographs of people who are surprised when they first see a Lomography camera.

In terms of myself, it means when I experience something new for the very first time. My first project Lower Case “Ex” was the first time I participated in what pertains to me is when I experience something for the first time.

My first project lower case “x” was the time I participated in the photorama in 2010. Live photo projections with music and a lot of guest photographers were invited. For sure a different way to exhibit your work, and boy is it nerve wrecking!

Almost two years later I took back that title which means a lot to me. It’s my middle x. The little one. My deepest self.

It was really a dream come true. It was December 2011, an invitation I couldn’t refuse, something I had been thinking about for a long time and I had to do it. It was the opportunity.

But first I will tell you why this has all been so important to me…

For a long time now, I have devoted my time to one thing. Something which I’d started talking about a little while ago. It’s fashion and design. Truth is, I started with photography at about the same time I started designing. I haven’t diffused design as much as photography, but I did put a lot of time and effort into it. In my college years I designed bags, accessories, and even clothes with “a personal style”. Many had faith in what I was doing, like Alma_Nake when they opened a store in Tenerife. So did people who organized festivals and markets, who wanted me to participate with stands selling my merchandise.

One of my hopes was always to mix., to blend the two disciplines which I was passionate for, fashion and photography. I was able to pull it off last year in the Numa Circuit. We exhibited our work in three halls consecutively for three months. This was my first Lomo+Textil experiment. And it had a warm welcome.

For the first time, we were showing something we had been researching :). Now I’m studying for it, making a dream come true and keeping my hopes up.

Those who dream about design have the unreachable hope of a runway.

That first time you see a dress of yours on a runway, and just like that I was invited one day to participate in the Tenerife Fashion Recycle. Fashion made of recycled materials. Again a pageant I couldn’t say no to and with a clear idea of what to do. Seemed easy enough, right? ;)

Well, not so much! There were intense days of collecting empty film rolls, my lab helped me out with that that. Every week they had a big box of film cans ready for me :D.

I also had help from Lomography Spain and their ambassador. I had two large boxes delivered to my home. One full of Lomography film cans. The other with part of the Make Your Prophecy Rumble prize .

The design was clear. There were some changes during the process but the main idea was always the same. Make a real analog dress. And as it’s very own name suggests… all of it would be made with all kinds of photographic and analog materials. Digital things would only work in this case for documenting and taking photos ;D.

It was hard work:

+ Open hundreds of film cans (around 600).
+ Make four holes with the Dremmel on each can. 600×4 :O
+ Flatten them to use them like sequins. Because Paco Rabanne has influenced me since I was little. ;)
+ Sew each one of the film cans by hand. By the end, I was completely pierced!

Aside from all of these necessities, I gathered up a lot of the materials I’ve been saving up for years. Disposable cameras, 35mm and 120 slide film frames, polaroid papers, blown out negatives, 120 negative paper… And with all of this, I was able to pull off the dress with a lot of hope and hard work. One that weights… hmm now I wouldn’t know how many pounds. But that my model Sheyla knew how to carry it with super analog style. :)

The top part of the dress was made with Kodak and Fuji. The skirt with the Lomography film cans added it’s touch of color. The cases of the Kodak disposable cameras also had their role. On the tail we had Lomography again, 120 film papers, disposable cameras tuned with spray by Encarneviva, blown out negatives, slide film frames and even some of my Diana illustrations. A mirror necklace with my X hung from Sheyla’s neck. And a more than analog decor on her blonde hair, made with Lomography film, green tape used in labs to hold film, a film canister with the negatives inside and a signature… mine. :P

So they day of the of the show came around, 20 participants with very creative designs. An authentic madness backstage area. And a second place in which we were featured. But first we had to settle some minor details :)

Fotos x Gigi Ferrand y ElFabricantedada

The music was full blast and an analogue model performance, it was done. My first time was fantastic. An experience worth living and as such we enjoyed it!

Fotos x elfabricantedada

There was voting, a live jury and a popular one on Facebook. Many thanks to all of those who were on the look out that night.

Credits: nikkaxxx

There were lomos, of course! Though not as much as I would’ve wanted. Other things were worth more celebrating that night . ;)

Credits: nikkaxxx

A project that ended the week after, with a photo session with my good friend Encarneviva.

A dress that was thought of long ago, and the Grupo Moda gave me the opportunity to “debut it in society”. A personal project that is finished but not finalized. But, now I show you the video of how I conjured up the dress. I hope you like it. :D

Now is when the road for this dress begins…

… Let’s hope it’s strong enough for so much action!!

Long live analog!! :)

PS: Many thanks to everyone who made one of my dreams possible

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  1. breakingmyself
    breakingmyself ·

    Fashion isn't my cup'o'tea but you sure did a great job with this dress :)

  2. arigatomrrobato
    arigatomrrobato ·

    Love this :)

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