Lomography Magazine Wants Your Tipsters!


Each of us most likely has something to impart to our fellow lomographers when it comes to shooting and enjoying film. Do you have a tip or two to share? Or maybe, do you happen to have found a crafty way to have fun with your film photos? Whatever it’s about, Lomography Magazine wants your Tipsters!

Credits: renenob

We at Lomography Magazine are always happy and looking forward to the most interesting and ingenious tips and tricks from the community. The Tipster section remains one of the most insightful resources for film photography enthusiasts and lomographers, which is why we’re always looking for fresh content!

Do you happen to have a tip in mind to help your fellow lomographers take better film snaps? What about creative ways to do more with your cameras and photos? Well, if you haven’t shared them yet, the Tipster section needs your contribution!

Of course, your efforts will not go unrewarded! Remember, when you Submit a Tipster you get the chance to earn Piggy Points for every published article, plus some extra when you write about topics in the Requested Posts!

We’ll be waiting for your submissions!

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