New Zealand Kiwis and Chinese Kiwifruits


They’re both brown, furry, and flightless. But one is sweeter than the other. Get your facts straight and know the difference between a kiwi and a kiwifruit!

A kiwi is a flightless brown bird that is native to the islands of New Zealand. I’m sure many of you who have visited New Zealand have seen this common face of the bird. Unlike any other bird, the kiwi has hair instead of feathers! The word “kiwi” is also used by New Zealanders to refer to themselves. How you doin’ lomo kiwis?! Unfortunately, the kiwi (the bird, not the New Zealander) is on the list of endangered species.

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Now… don’t mistake a “kiwi” with a kiwifruit. Yeap, the right way to say it is “kiwifruit”. This green-fleshed (sometimes yellow) fruit is not native New Zealand. It actually originated from China, and used to be (or is still) called chinese gooseberries. In the 1960s, however, kiwifruit farmers in New Zealand wanted to market the fruit overseas. To avoid confusions and to identify the fruit with New Zealand, they named it the kiwifruit.

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I’ve been referring to the kiwifruits as kiwis, but a friend (from New Zealand) sent me to the right path and told me that it wasn’t right. So let’s summarize this all and get this right!

A kiwi is a bird (or a New Zealander) and the fruit should ALWAYS be called kiwifruit!

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