Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn


Green-Wood Cemetery, located in Brooklyn near Prospect Park, is made up of over 400 acres with over 600,000 graves spread out over its rolling hills. It opened its exquisite gates in 1838.

it is the ambition of the New Yorker to live upon the Fifth Avenue, to take his airings in the Park, and to sleep with his fathers in Green-Wood.” – Paul Goldberger, New York Times

Green-Wood Cemetery is a beautiful place to visit, and an easy place to get lost in.There are hills, grassy plains, lakes, and cliffs. It is the most appealing cemetery I have ever set foot in, and I would not mind being buried here. There is some exquisite stonework, including angels, mourners, lions, and old fashioned mausoleums.

I am sorry to say that many of the graves here are in disrepair. Some headstones have sunk into the ground, some are broken, some are missing. This only adds to the spooky atmosphere of this place. Many of the marble angels here are covered in moss and missing limbs. A great place for taking pictures. Many trees, many birds, and many, many graves.

Famous residents:
Leonard Bernstein
Samuel Morse
William “Bill The Butcher” Poole
Margaret Sanger
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Horace Greeley

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