Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx

The last stop on the 4 train will take you to Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Over 400 acres of rolling hills and over 300,000 graves await you here.The cemetery opened in 1865 and is a rather pleasant place to take an afternoon stroll.

Woodlawn started out as and still is a rural cemetery. it is far enough away from Manhattan that you feel like you are in the countryside, and this was probably the draw when people began buying plots in 1865.
There are beautiful trees here and over 190 different species of birds, including a flock of Canadian Geese. There are many meandering peaceful tree shaded paths, and enough graves to keep you intrigued for hours.

There are chapels, monuments, gravestones, and quaint family plots here. There are marble angels, stone crosses, Grecian mausoleums, and exquisite sun bleached tombs. It’s haunting yet irresistible.

There are many well known people resting here:
Herman Melville
Duke Ellington
Irving Berlin
F W Woolworth
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Nellie Bly
George M Cohan

And many more recognizable personalities.
Edward Streeter wrote in his ‘Story of Woodlawn Cemetery’ that “to pass through its great entrance gates into the tree shaded roads is like entering another world.”

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