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Looks like you guys liked the behind-the-scenes look at Iron Man, courtesy of Jeff Bridges’ panoramic photography! To keep things going, here are more black and white shots by the American Master and actor. This time, it’s from the set of Crazy Heart, starring Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Colin Farrell.

Photo by Jeff Bridges

_Crazy Heart_ (2009) stars *Jeff Bridges* as Bad Blake, a down-and-out country music singer who happens to be an alcoholic and failed romantic. He falls in love with Jean (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal), a young journalist, and the story revolves around his struggles with life, others, and himself.

The film was finished in only 24 days and here are some moments from the shooting, courtesy of Jeff Bridges’ Widelux panoramic camera (similar to the Horizon Perfekt).

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Filming took place in New Mexico, Texas and California, with director Scott Cooper at the helm.

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Colin Farrell as well as a few others lend their voices in musical roles in the movie. Bridges also captures Maggie and Colin in his tragedy/comedy diptych!

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Some anecdotes on his photography:

“Photography took a back seat when my acting career took off and I didn’t get back into it seriously until 1976, when I did the remake of King Kong. I was playing a character named Jack Prescott. Jack was a Paleontologist and he happened to carry a motor-driven Nikon with him wherever he went. In preparation for the role, I started taking pictures again. The Wide-Lux came back into my life on my wedding day. Mark Hanauer took some photographs at our wedding party with one. I really admired them – the way they showed movement and slurred time. There was so much information in the picture – so much to look at. It’s almost as if the camera has peripheral vision – registering multiple stories within a single frame.”

How entertaining is his storytelling? Photos by Jeff Bridges

“When my wife, Sue, who was taking pictures professionally at the time, saw how much I enjoyed the photographs, she gave me a Wide-Lux as a belated wedding gift. I started carrying it around as a snap shot camera, taking pictures of family and friends. When I was making a movie, I sometimes took pictures there, too. The Wide-Lux frame is a lot like the 1:8:5 ratio of a typical movie. Because of its panning lens, it functions as sort of a bridge between still photography and moving pictures.”

Photos by Jeff Bridges

We can’t wait until he films a new movie and documents the project! How do you like the panoramas by Jeff Bridges? By the way, if you liked this story, you might also enjoy:

Stay tuned as we feature more of Jeff Bridges and his work in the Magazine this week! Visit Jeff Bridges’ official website for more info.

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