Seeing Doubles

2012-07-10 1

One of my favorite things about shooting analogue is you can do a double exposure on one single frame. Whether hitting that MX switch or having to do a film swap with other lomographers gets me so excited with the results. Here are a few of my favorite doubles and film swap shots that I have.

Credits: boobert

I have become a fan of double exposures since following the works of one of Manila’s finest lomographers @stitch. He is one of those, in my opinion, who have perfected the MX shots. Especially the ones that includes clouds. I have seen plenty of double exposure shots around LSI but @stitch’s MX shots were the ones that made a mark.

Credits: stitch

I just wanted to share as well those that I have taken. It would seem easy to take shots like it but if I may add, there may be one outstanding shot that would really catch your attention in probably 10 shots that you take. So, these are the ones that I have taken throughout my crazy lomography days. So, it may be all that easy to hit that MX switch but it takes patience and great timing to get that eye-catching photo. But an easier way is to do a film swap with other lomographers. Especially, those from other countries. It is a whole lot exciting and way fun!

Credits: boobert
Doubles with @ponzi, @b0rn2b1ush, @icuresick

Whether eye-catching or not, doing double exposures on your shots is way, way exciting and fun. So, when shooting a roll, try at least shooting 5-10 double exposure shots. Or shoot a whole roll and swap it with another lomographer. Definitely, doing double exposures doubles the fun and excitement of shooting analogue.

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