Celebrating Canada Day with My New La Sardina!

2012-07-10 1

After purchasing my first lomographic camera, I took advantage of the upcoming July 1st celebrations in Cloverdale, British Columbia, to capture some of the carnival-like atmosphere that I knew would provide some interesting snapshots.

Credits: mainshane

When you have a child, as I do, you take a lot of pictures; at every event, every road trip, every special occasion. So as my wife and son and I got set to go celebrate Canada Day at our local fairground, of course I had to grab my digital camera to capture all the little moments. But on our way we had to make one little extra stop at the drugstore that we wouldn’t have usually made. Because this time I had to buy film. This time, I was taking an extra camera with me.

Going to a fairground was going to be a great way to test out my new La Sardina, because when people are gathered to celebrate a national holiday reality bends towards the surreal. People are dressed up. There are contraptions erected for the thrill-seeking young and young-at-heart. There are games and prizes and snack stands. You are surrounded by so much activity the question doesn’t become “what to shoot?”, but “what not to shoot?”.

Credits: mainshane

I took my first two shots with the lens cap on. I also took several shots when the camera wasn’t in shooting mode (with a La Sardina you have to pull out the lens barrel to put it in “shooting mode”) although the pictures still came out. I also took a few close-ups forgetting about the focus setting. Having had an automatic digital point-and-shoot for so many years, it was like I was learning to take pictures for the first time.

Framing the shots proved interesting too. I noticed that many of my shots had a lot of headroom, a lot of sky. This wasn’t planned but I really loved the results. Especially since it was a cloudy day and the white and grays were really dramatic. My shot of the carnival man riding the tall bike is an example. I thought I was getting more of the bicycle he was riding, since the angle is so wide on the La Sardina (which I really love). The picture actually turned out better than I thought.

Credits: mainshane

I also tried my hand at some shots without looking through the viewfinder at all. I took one of some police officers, patrolling the grounds, that I took from my hip (good thing the camera is quiet, I was sort of nervous about getting caught!). And while watching an exhibition on a grassy hill I quickly turned around a took a candid shot of the spectators behind me. That one actually looks perfectly framed. Maybe I should never look through the viewfinder again!

Credits: mainshane

One time, while switching back and forth between my digital camera and my analogue, I dropped my La Sardina in the mud (it had rained a lot the day before). If it had been my digital camera, it might have been ruined for good. But with my plastic La Sardina I just wiped off as much mud as I could (thank goodness the lens cap was on this time!), kept shooting, and did some more cleaning on it when I got home. I also noticed it wasn’t the only thing stuck in the mud. I found a small, paper, Canadian flag as well and quickly took a shot of it before it could get squashed by the crowds.

Credits: mainshane

When I got home, I quickly sent my three rolls of 200 ISO film for developing. Going through those first developed prints was quite thrilling, and I can honestly say I’m hooked on analogue. Maybe next time I go out to an event I’ll only take one camera.

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